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Below you will find the roadmap and vision of Solar.
Please note that due to compliance and regulatory factors, the Solar Foundation will not give any dates on roadmap items to avoid speculation that might result in classing SXP as a security. There may be 3rd party tools, blogs, and other contributions made by parties that are not members of the Solar Foundation. These contributions may include coin burning, gambling, speculation and other features not endorsed by the Solar Foundation. The Solar Foundation recognizes these contributors and their contributions but does not endorse or develop them.

Foundation Roadmap

Learn more about the Solar Foundation

A new whitepaper for 2022 will be released with a better explanation of the Core blockchain, tokenomics, the community, the goals of the Solar project and anything that is being mentioned in the Solar roadmap.

Status: Complete

An AMA session will be organized with founder of Solar. This AMA has now been announced and scheduled and will be given on the 11th of April at 18:00 UTC in the Solar telegram group.

Status: Complete

Solar decided to move the project to a foundation similar to the Ethereum Foundation and focus on utility. This will allow Solar to become compliant with US regulations.
More information to be announced in Week 27 - 2022.

Status: In progress.

More information to be announced in Week 27 - 2022.

Status: In progress.

The Solar project will launch a foundation and anyone will be able to join the foundation based on specific requirements.

Status: In progress.

The updated whitepaper will now include detailed information about the Solar Metaverse and minor changes to existing plans might be made.

Status: In progress.

Development Roadmap

Projects and development endorsed by the Solar Foundation

SXP will have its own mainnet blockchain with its own native SXP coins. Most SXP holders will be joining from the ERC20/BEP20 framework. The current holders will have to get familiar with the new framework. By having a testnet, users can already interact with a network that will be similar to mainnet. Developers will be able to deploy and test their tools on testnet without spending gas that has any monetary value. Testnet coins can be obtained from the Solar Discord or from the @dSXPBot on Telegram.

Status: Complete

A new desktop wallet forked from ADW will be released with many improvements and enhancements to work with the Solar Blockchain.

Status: Complete

New SDK libraries and documentation will be released in our dedicated documentation page. These libraries will be used by exchange organizations that are supporting the SXP coin on their platform.

Status: Continous development in sync with Core updates

Solar Side Ledger Protocol (SLP) is our own unique feature that utilizes the memo field on the SXP blockchain. The native SXP coin will be used to pay fees for SLP transactions. SLP will be deployed on testnet at first to allow people to get familiar with SLP and developers of this protocol will be able to modify and finetune the features. SLP will allow users to create fungible and non-fungible tokens. The fungible tokens are a “ERC20” like and can be used for many applications such as ICO’s and funding programs, but also for supply chain management, meme tokens etc. The NFT’s will support metadata from the start and can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Status: A new version of SLP is currently being developed that will be different from the current implementation on testnet. The new version will focus on better features that more widely recognized and known by developers and other projects in the industry.

As explained in the “Publish Delegates Proposal page”, documentation will be provided for voters and delegates. Delegates are forging blocks on the network. For each block they forge, they will receive 10 SXP. This SXP is usually shared with the voters. It is important to know that voting for the highest sharing delegate can have a negative effect on the network. Sometimes it's more beneficial to the whole project to vote for delegates that contribute more to Solar. More about this will be explained in the documentation.

Status: Complete

A fresh blockchain will be deployed during this phase. The block count will start from 1 and new blocks will be forged every 8 seconds.

Status: Complete

Staking starts directly at mainnet launch. Block rewards start at block 75632.
The estimated time to start block rewards is around 7 days.
Click here to learn more about staking.

Status: Complete

A complete and detailed swap instructions will be provided in our dedicated documentation page. The document will be available here.
Current SXP holders on ERC20/BEP20 are free to swap their tokens to SXP mainnet with the tools provided by the Solar Foundation.

Status: Complete

A mobile application will be released to interact with the SXP Blockchain.

Status: Alpha.
The mobile application is currently being tested and a demo is already available for selected users in the Google PlayStore.

A web wallet forked from upstream will be released with similar features and style as the desktop wallet.

Status: The original planned implementation of the web wallet will no longer be developed or released.
As an alternative, in collaboration with delegate "leitesv" we have prioritized the release of the branded Solar Browser Wallet.

The Solar foundation will request a 3rd-party on the Core after block finality and several other improvements have been made.

Status: Not started.

The Solar Side Ledger Protocol (SLP) will be officially deployed on the SXP blockchain. Its main utility is to allow anyone to create dApps, simple tokens or NFT creators to build on the SXP blockchain. The native SXP will be used to cover (gas) on all SLP transactions on the SXP blockchain.
A new version of SLP is currently being developed that will be different from the current implementation on testnet. The new version will focus on better features that more widely recognized and known by developers and other projects in the industry.

Status: In development

Dedicated documentation will be published for developers and creators to interact with the SLP features of the SXP blockchain. These features are very rich in certain use-cases for normal end-users, artists, developers and enterprises.

Status: Not started.

Along with the SLP documentation, Solar is going to provide SDK’s for exchanges and developers to integrate the SLP features in their platform or software.

Status: Not started.

A new desktop wallet will be released and enhanced to support the basic functions for SLP. Such as fungible and non-fungible token creation together with tools to view other SLP assets on the blockchain.

Status: Not started.

A new explorer will be deployed to support SLP features and Core v3 transactions.

Status: Not started.

The Solar project will review potential partnership opportunities with third-parties to integrate SXP features on their products. This could be anything from payment platforms, to exchanges and academics or universities.

Status: Complete - pending announcement

The governance module is a plugin that can be enabled in the Solar Desktop Wallet. This module will allow delegates to vote for vital core decisions. More information about this feature will be described in the final whitepaper of 2022.

Status: Complete - Pending documentation and deployment on mainnet.

Individual Projects

Projects recognized by the Solar Foundation

In collaboration with delegate "leitesv", we will release a browser wallet that will have the similar feeling and experience as the well-known MetaMask wallet. The Armor will be enhanced with features to support SLP tokens once SLP becomes available.

Status: Pending review.
The development of Branded Armor Browser Wallet is complete and has been pushed to Firefox and Chrome webstore and is currently pending review.

Delegate leitesv will release a cross-chain decentralized exchange and bridge blockchains. More details to be announced.

Status: Not started.

Proof of Concept using LoRa by delegate friendsoflittleyus

Status: Testing phase

The initial whitepaper won’t include any detailed information about the Metaverse, since we are still exploring ideas and opportunities. The main goal of the Metaverse is to create a “game-like” experience for users to interact in a 3D open world with other users and explore the blockchain. Several blockchain features will be focused on selling space in the Metaverse for building blocks and advertising blocks. Account creation and quests to earn SXP will be included in the Alpha release. Only a selected amount of people will be able to participate in the Alpha release. After a successful release, we will update the whitepaper with the new details regarding this topic.

Status: Complete - The first version was released in the form of a minecraft-like game called Solarcraft.

The team that is working on the Metaverse decided to brand the game as "District 53" and continue in a minecraft-type of game. More information to be announced.

Status: Ongoing - District53 Beta is now live for testing, visit to learn more.

The official release of District 53. More information to be announced.

Status: Pending completion of the beta stage.

A joint collaboration between delegate nft and delegate leitesv, they will release the NFT Marketplace for SXP. More information to be announced after the beta.

Status: In development. Pending SLP completion.

The delegates are a crucial part of the network. These are community memebers that are running one of the 53 nodes on the SXP blockchain. Delegates are chosen by the voters (SXP holders) and contribute to the network. Contribution proposals are posted on the delegate page so it is important to elect delegates who are doing more than just running a node and sharing rewards. Some delegates can contribute to the security of the network, which is the most vital contribution. Other contributions can be in the form of tools for node operators and the community, or contributions in the form of community and marketing development or simply organizing meetups and spread the word about the Solar project. This product will be developed by delegate leitesv.

Status: Complete - Visit to learn more.

Developed by delegates leitesv, the Solar Launchpad is a platform where users can present their projects that are created on the SXP blockchain using the SLP features.

Status: Not started.

A licensed entity, separated from the Solar Foundation. Dokdo will develop an exchange and offer custodian wallet services that are FATF compliant.
Dokdo will focus on enabling staking and voting for anyone that is currently affected by the travel rule.

Status: In progress.