A Few Words About Us.

Community Driven.

A decentralised community-driven blockchain project.
The Solar Blockchain Foundation in Estonia focuses on creating a blockchain ecosystem.
An ecosystem with open-source developers and community involvement.

Our blockchain offers a wide variety of features and tools that allows us to level with enterprise-grade applications.
Discover our ecosystem. Join the community.
Participate in our DPoS network or contribute to our platform.

Solar is available for everyone, including you.

Sustainable. Efficient. Decentralised.

Powered by Blockchain.

Unlike many traditional blockchains, Solar utilizes the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) Consensus powered by Solar Core.
This makes the Solar Blockchain sustainable, efficient and fully decentralised without the known issues from traditional Proof of Work (PoW) blockchains such as being energy intensive or 51% attack vectors.

The Solar Blockchain has 53 delegates also known as node operators. These delegates are selected by the voters, based on their wallet weight.
The easiest way to vote for a delegate is by downloading the Solar wallet and to vote for one or multiple delegates of your liking.
The main purpose of a delegate is to contribute to the blockchain network by providing security enhancements, code updates, marketing or brand development and many other contributions. Delegates receive rewards from blocks produced on the blockchain network and they usually share these rewards with their voters.

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Join our community and feel free to ask any questions or request further information about Solar.

Funded by donations

Solar Foundation Wallet

The Solar Blockchain Foundation is a non-profit foundation.
The Solar Blockchain Foundation launched without ICOs or equity investments.
The marketing, exchange integrations, commercial activities, staffing, legal counsel and administrative operations are funded by donations received in SXP.

Feel free to donate to the Foundation Wallet on the Solar Network.
Donations are very appreciated and will keep the foundation going.

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