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Voting and Participating

The SXP Blockchain utilizes the DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake Concensus).
This means that there can only be 53 block producers operating and maintaining the blockchain network.
These block producers are also known as node operators.
Block producers are chosen by the voters who are able to choose which block producer they prefer to operate and maintain the network.
As a voter you can earn from block rewards that are voluntarily shared by block producers.

Become a voter

Simply by holding SXP coins in your wallet. You can enter the voting section and vote for your favorite block producer. Before voting, we advise you to visit the block producer proposals website to see the proposed contributions from block producers or simply start a talk with the block producers in the community channels.

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Become a Block Producer

Do you have the technical skills to operate a node and secure a blockchain that is being used by users worldwide? Are you willing to contribute to the Solar Ecosystem by enhancing our position in the market? Don't wait any longer and learn more about block producers.

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