Voter or Delegate?


Having the right forging delegate is important for the network. Usually each public delegate offers a share in rewards, sometimes in combination with additional contribution to the network or project.

Sometimes voting for a delegate that shares less in forging rewards might be more beneficial for you and for the project. A delegate can contribute to the security of the network or contribute towards marketing, community and product development, which could return in short term or long term a better value for the asset and project. Learn more about the delegate proposals by clicking here.



Simply by holding SXP coins in your wallet. You can enter the voting section and vote for your favorite delegate.
Before voting, we advise you to visit the delegate proposals website to see the proposed contributions from delegates or simply start a talk with the delegates in the community channels.

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Do you have the technical skills to operate a node and secure a blockchain that is being used by users worldwide?
Are you willing to contribute to the Solar Ecosystem by enhancing our position in the market? Don't wait any longer and learn more about delegates.

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How it works?

It's easier than you think. Follow the steps below!

Download Wallet
Download Wallet

Download the Wallet for your operating system from the apps section.

Create Wallet Address
Create Wallet Address

Create a wallet address, secure your passphrase and hold SXP coins.

View Proposals
View Proposals and Vote

Find your favorite delegate proposal an vote for your delegate from within the wallet.

Still unsure?

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